Images: Jose Di Gregorio's studio, Photographed by Justina Martino, 2015. 


To see more of Jose's artwork, visit

Art Tonic's mission is to facilitate personal connections between artists and art lovers with the goal to stimulate growth in the Sacramento art community. Art Tonic presents monthly "Art Chats" with local artists at Sacramento arts and cultural venues and plans to expand to include art consultation services. 

Art Tonic was founded by Justina Martino during the Start-up Hustle program at the Hacker Lab in Sacramento, CA. Through early interviews with art lovers, she found that art lovers desire a personal connection to the art they purchase and keep in their homes. She also learned of their desire to gain a deeper understanding of art and deepen their involvement in the local art community.


Justina has an MA in Art History from UC Davis and over 10 years of experience working with artists in local art communities. 






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