Justina Martino

Art Tonic Founder

You’re an artist who has been commissioned to create a public art project and you want

to make sure every detail is well-executed... 


Your agency, organization, or business wants to make a difference in the community

with a creative project...


You’re an artist who’s ready to win that residency or grant so you can have the time

and funds needed to develop your new creative idea...

As someone who has worked in the arts for the past decade,

I understand how you feel. 


I specialize in helping artists and organizations make positive impacts in communities

through outreach activities, workshops, and meetings with community members and

stakeholders. I’ve worked in the arts for the past ten years as an arts administrator,

project manager, writer, and teacher.


I have helped artists strengthen their writing which gave them the confidence to write about their art and win grants and residencies.

Working with artists and community members gives me energy and inspires me to bring art to new audiences. 


Art has always been a fundamental part of my life.


Growing up in Rhode Island, I loved experimenting with all types of artistic media. After high school I moved to New York City to study fashion design, but realized I enjoyed visiting the city’s many galleries and museums far more than I enjoyed making clothing patterns and sewing. From that point on, I knew I wanted to work in the art world and went on to study Painting and Art History in college. My studies eventually led me across the country to California where I earned a Masters in Art History from UC Davis. 


As a graduate student in California, I became interested in public and community-engaged art and focused my research on the street artist communities of San Francisco. After graduating from UC Davis, I worked at a contemporary arts center in Sacramento where I help raise funds and organize the regional open studios tour which invites people to experience art and meet artists in their own neighborhoods. 


Through these experiences, my passion for community-minded art grew stronger. 


In 2019, I was hired as the project manager for a social practice art project called River Crossing: I want to communicate with you by British artist Joshua Sofaer. This project, which invited people to nominate someone to be commemorated by having the public dock in Sacramento or West Sacramento named in their honor, cemented my interest in bringing art and communities together. 


With Art Tonic, I help artists, agencies, and businesses see their projects through from idea to reality.


Whether you’re applying to an artist residency, developing a public artwork, or engaging the community with your social practice project, I’m here to help you make your vision a reality.


I love this work because I get to help artists realize their vision. I also get to introduce art to people who may not have access to museums and galleries. In order to be a supportive resource for my clients, I’ve worked with a creative coach, participated in residency panels, and consulted with career artists. I will continue to engage with the contemporary art community and expand my skills to best serve the needs of my clients. 


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