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This offer includes:

Grant Questions Brainstorm Session 

  • This is a meeting via phone call or Zoom to review and brainstorm answers to all of the grant questions together. While we talk through the grant questions, I’ll ask follow up questions to ensure that I have all of the details needed to write compelling answers. I take notes during this session to use to write your grant answers. 

Concise and Impactful Grant Answers

  • After the brainstorm session, I will shape my notes into compelling grant answers that convey the strengths of your organization or art practice. During this process, additional questions will come up, so I will reach out to you by text, email, or phone (your preference) to ask more follow up questions to fill in the details. Once every answer is complete, I will send you a copy of my grant answers.  

Grant Answer Revisions

  • Once I have completed the answers, you’ll have the opportunity to review and provide more detail on questions or request revisions. I will then complete the final answers for submission.   

Submission Assistance 

  • Once the questions have all been answered to your satisfaction, I will be available to help you submit but you are also welcome to submit on your own! 

As a result of working with me you’ll…

  • Submit a well written application which tells a clear and engaging story of your organization or art practice. 

  • You'll gain new insights into your organization or art practice. 

  • You’ll feel confident submitting your grant application knowing that you put your best foot forward.

  • You’ll have well-written grant answers that you may reference for future grant applications.  

Administrators I have worked with have won grants that have helped them gain financial stability, develop programs, and hire new staff members. Artists I’ve worked with have received grants which have provided them more time to develop their ideas and focus on their artwork.


$200 - $600 (The fee is based on the complexity of the grant.) 


Let’s get started! 

Email Justina at if you'd like my grant writing assistance.

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Executive Director of Onstage Theatre Arts,

"I enjoy working with Justina because she is patient, kind, professional, and has a sense of humor. She is easy to work with and has helped my organization stay afloat financially. She has helped me compose compelling grant applications and win grant awards, most recently a $20,000 California Arts Council Youth in Schools grant which has allowed us to develop a new children’s after school program in an underserved Sacramento public school."

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