Images: Jose Di Gregorio's studio, Photographed by Justina Martino, 2015. 


To see more of Jose's artwork, visit

10 Tips to get the most out of Sac Open Studios



















1. Have an open mind: Visit studios off the beaten path and check out genres of art you’re not normally drawn to.


2. Bring friends or family: Have drinks or dinner afterward to chat about your experience and compare notes.


3. Participate: Attend Sac Open Studios-related events and take part in activities presented by the artists.


4. Introduce yourself: Ask the artists questions or even better, tell them what you love about their work!


5. Take photos: Share your tour experiences by tagging @vergeart and using #sacopenstudios. Save images of artworks you love, along with the names of the artists, for future reference.


6. Take your time: If you find yourself drawn to a specific artist’s work, spend at least 10-15 minutes in their studio to deepen your appreciation of their art.


7. Take breaks: Experiencing art is rewarding, but it requires lots of mental and physical energy! Take a snack break to refresh your mind for more art viewing!


8. Take notes: Write down thoughts or questions about the art. Use these for personal reflection, future reference, or to ask the artist later.


9. Look around the studios: In addition to looking at the art, take a look at the objects artists keep in their studios to gain unique insights into the creative process.

10. Support artists: If you can afford it, ask artists how you can acquire a piece of their artwork for your personal collection!