You’re an artist who’s come across an amazing residency opportunity that you’d like to apply to but you don’t know how to talk about the meaning of your art in your application. 


You hate writing about your own artwork. So you miss out on great residency opportunities because you’re intimidated by the required written elements like your artist statement and project plan. 


You have strong images to use in your residency application but you don’t think your writing matches the quality of your artwork. 


You’re really excited for a specific residency opportunity but you’re worried that you’re not able to clearly talk about your goals for the residency. 


You’re confident in the quality of your artwork and you don’t understand why you’ve been rejected from artist residencies in the past so you’re determined to figure it out.


What if you could stop feeling intimidated and start submitting stronger residency applications? 


Imagine if you felt as proud of the quality of your application essays as you feel about the quality of your artwork.


What if you could learn how to write about your artistic concepts, processes, and goals in a clear, concise and engaging manner?


  • Imagine if the quality of the written portion of your application matched the high quality of your artwork.

  • What if you had an experienced contemporary art writer to proofread and help you flesh out your application essays? 

  • What if you could explain exactly why you’re an ideal candidate for that prestigious artist residency?


You might be thinking…


You spent a long time documenting and choosing the perfect images for your residency application and now you’ve started the written portion of the application but you’re afraid you don’t have the writing skills to do your work justice. 


You know why you’d be a great fit for the residency but you have trouble putting it into words. 


You don’t know how to align your artistic concepts with the priorities of the residency. 

You’re afraid you’re going to put a lot of time and energy into this residency application only to be rejected once again. 

You’re not alone. I can help! 

I work with artists to help them write impressive residency applications so they start getting accepted to artist residencies. 

After we work together, you’ll become better at writing about your art and you’ll feel ready to tackle more residency applications. 

As a result of working with me you’ll…

  • Submit a well written residency application which enhances the artwork images you’ve included so that you’ll have a better chance of being selected for the residency. 

  • Learn how to write about your art in an eloquent and impactful manner so you’ll feel confident applying to future opportunities and sharing written descriptions of your art on your website, social media, and for exhibitions. 

  • Know how to communicate why your artistic practice aligns with the residency opportunity so that you can show the residency panel why you are a great fit for the opportunity and find future opportunities which are right for you. 

  • Increase your chances of getting accepted to artist residencies so you can develop your practice, build your CV, and gain valuable professional skills and expose your art to a wider audience. 


Artists I’ve worked with have been accepted to artist residencies and have received stipends to focus on their artwork. Our worth together made applying to the next opportunity easier, faster and less stressful because they already had the bulk of what they needed to get their application done. 


These are the kinds of results I know you can have, too. Working together is the best way for you to experience this kind of success.


This offer includes:

Residency Ready Meeting 

  • We'll schedule a phone or virtual meeting designed to help me understand your artistic practice and goals for your residency. Your answers are key in clarifying the written portion of your residency application. 

Develop Your Draft Suggestions and Advice

  • Suggestions, questions, and advice on your first draft to help you enhance the written portion of your application. This will help you comprehensively describe your artwork, streamline your goals for the residency, and effectively explain why you are a great fit for this opportunity. 

Refine your Writing Grammar and Syntax Edits 

  • Grammar, syntax, and structure edits on your second draft. This will provide you with a polished text ready to submit! 


After this process, you’ll feel confident submitting your residency application knowing that you put your best foot forward. You’ll feel ready to apply to more residencies in the future. 





After doing this application preparation work together, you’ll feel like you’ve done your very best to win the grant or residency.


Let’s get started! 


If you’ve got a residency or grant opportunity that you’d like help with, let’s talk! 

Step 1: Complete and submit this questionnaire! I’ll receive your answers and reply by email within two business days. ​


Step 2: You’ll receive an email response to schedule your Get Residency Ready meeting. 

Step 4: Attend your Get Residency Ready meeting and receive a plan and timeline to complete your application. 

Step 5: Write the first draft of your application. 

Step 5: I’ll review your existing copy of your application and provide you with edits and feedback. 

Step 6: Using my edits and feedback, you'll revise your application. You'll submit an application that has a great chance to be selected! 


Questions? Email Justina at


Artist,, @aida_lizalde

"Justina’s analytical feedback and written edits were key in writing an informative, yet concise application. Before I hired her, I saw her research work and could see that she was great at writing and editing so I knew she’d be able to help me. Many people pretend they know what they are doing or just wing it but Justina is professional in her qualifications, proactive and willing to do the work."

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