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Have you just received approval and funding to start a public art project but are feeling a little panicked and overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start? 


Do you have a great vision for your art project, but know you’ve had trouble staying motivated and on task with projects in the past so you’re anxious about pulling this one off? 


Are you worried that you don’t have time to do the community outreach and marketing necessary to get people excited about your project because you're already committed to so many things?


Maybe you’re an artist who doesn’t think you have the skills or connections needed to spread the word about your project. You think if you spend the time needed to promote your project, you won’t have time to focus on actually making the art.  


You received a grant for your art project (congrats!), but you don’t know how to turn your idea into a reality. You’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the factors needed to see your project to completion. 


Or perhaps you’re a public agency or private organization without the staff to assign to this extra project. Your organization doesn’t have the in-house expertise when it comes to seeing an arts-based community project through to completion. 

What if you had someone to help you get your project started and completed? 


Imagine if you had a knowledgeable, capable and experienced person to help organize your project? You’d have administrative support throughout all phases of your project, guidance through unfamiliar territory, and the task management to ultimately see your project through to completion.

What if this person had your back and supported you during all steps of your project by breaking it all down into manageable and easily doable tasks? 


You’d have a trusted colleague to map out your project from start to finish and take care of all of the parts of the project that you don’t have time to focus on like daily social media posts and email. 


Wouldn’t it be great if someone else handled the community outreach for your project? They'd seamlessly take care of creating amazing Facebook and Instagram captions to build excitement for your project while you focused on the pivotal details that matter most to you and the project. 


What if you had someone to keep your entire project on schedule and within the budget so you could focus on the parts that matter most to you whether it’s creating the art for the project or getting community members involved. You’d have a project manager who has real-world experience organizing community art projects who could manage all aspects of the project, including finding the perfect creatives to fulfill your vision, meeting with community stakeholders, promoting the project on social media, keeping you in the loop with regular updates, and making sure the project stays on track. 


Do any of these sound familiar? 


You’re worried that you won’t have time to make your artwork the best it can be if you have to focus on all of the time consuming details of managing your project like responding to emails and meeting with community stakeholders. And honestly, you’re afraid it the scope of it will creep up on you and get too big to handle.


You’re grateful for the opportunity to create a public art project, but you’re feeling unsure and overwhelmed about confidently knowing what all the steps are to make it happen. This feeling is slowing down your ability to get the work done and you’re already feeling behind.  


Your agency, organization or business is excited for the opportunity to make a difference in the community with a creative project, but you don’t have the staff, time, or expertise to make it happen. You see there are gaps in your plan where you need support to keep all of the stakeholders happy and knowing the project is going to be fully completed.  

I can help you complete a powerful art project! 


I help artists, agencies, organizations, and businesses working on community art projects get organized and make their plans a reality. I manage all of the time-consuming details of their project so they can feel confident knowing they’ll see their vision fully completed. My clients love to nurture the creativity that already exists within communities. 


In addition to my help managing all of the details of your project, you’ll also have me as your back-up support person on the parts of the project you want to spearhead  yourself. Need help finding a fabricator to create a large scale version of your artwork? Would you like help preparing for an interview? I’m here to help every step of the way. 


Once your project is completed, you’ll feel accomplished and ready to take on the next challenge! 

As a result of working together:


  • The details of your project, including the budget, task management, team management, and promotion will be taken care of so you’ll have time to focus on your artwork.


  • Your project will be broken down into manageable steps so you won’t feel overwhelmed.


  • You’ll have someone to keep your project on track so you won’t have to worry about missing deadlines or falling behind. 


  • You’ll feel confident knowing that community outreach for your project is taken care of so you can focus on creating the art. 


  • You’ll have a project manager to take the lead on the parts of your project that are most helpful to you, find amazing artists, hire an efficient team, keep your project within budget, spread the word about your project with targeted community outreach and social media promotions, and make sure tasks and milestones are completed on time.

Artists and organizations I’ve worked with have created serious wins for their projects. These have included:

  • Received appreciative messages from community members detailing how the project positively impacted their lives, including bringing them together with family members. 

  • Gained free exposure in the form of filmed interviews and written articles for their project from multiple news outlets, including television stations and newspapers. 

  • Secured $25,000 in advertisement revenue from a targeted community outreach campaign.


These are the kinds of results I know you can have, too. Working together is the best way for you to experience this same kind of success.

This package includes: 


Kick-start Your Project 


An hour-long meeting where we break down the most important goals of your project. We will create a plan for the project deliverables and schedule so you have an energizing, rather than tiring experience with the project. Once we break down your project into manageable pieces, you’ll start to see how your project ideas can turn into a reality without feeling overwhelmed. 


Idea to Reality Project Plan 


A complete plan will be created that’s tailored to you and your project. This plan includes a budget, timeline, major tasks, and milestones. We’ll keep your project on track with regular meetings that work with your schedule and preferences. The frequency of meetings is up to you!


Writing Services 


Engaging, clear, and well-written information about your project to gain public recognition, support from community members, and ease of communication with stakeholders. These services include press releases, social media, stakeholder emails, sponsorship request letters, calls for artists, calls for volunteers, calls for nominations, request for proposals, and more. Website content and direct emails designed to engage the public with your project and build excitement about what you’ve created. 


Social Media Management


Creation of an online presence for your project across social channels including Facebook and Instagram to grow your audience and engage community members. Visually striking images, creative content, entertaining stories, and well-timed posts to represent your project in a positive light across social media. Thoughtful responses to questions and comments from followers grow and maintain connections with the community. 

A Talented Team


Hiring and management of an expert project team if needed that works well together and serves the projects needs and priorities. This team may include a graphic designer, website developer, social media assistant, fabricators or other specialists. You’ll know there’s a team of experts working to make sure every portion of your project is professionally done. We’ll decide if a team is needed at the start of the project based on your budget and goals. 


Outreach and Engage With the Community Plan 


A community outreach plan so your project is connected to the communities you want to serve through meetings and forums with council representatives, community stakeholders, and residents.


Project Documentation


Photography of the project, project reports including how many outreach activities were scheduled, communities reached, number of attendees, and more. You’ll have the images and metrics you need to share the project with the larger community of residents and stakeholders as well as for use with your next community grant submission. 


After working together, you’ll feel a sense of pride with the completion of your art project and you’ll feel confident starting your next creative endeavor. 



Depending on your project needs, the cost of this package ranges from $825 for smaller projects and up to $22,000 for larger and longer projects, and includes 1-12 months of work. This project management fee is usually approximately 8% - 10% of the total project budget. 


Whether you just need help with one aspect of your project such as social media or community outreach, or you need someone to take the lead on your entire project, I’ll tailor a package to fit your needs. 


Here are examples some types of projects available:


Small Package


This is a 1-3 month support package to help with a specific portion of your project such as social media management, artist selection, or community outreach. 


Medium Package


This is a  3-12 month package which is perfect if you want to take the lead on your project but need a project manager to keep your project on track and doing things like hiring a project team and/or facilitating workshops. 


This package is perfect for an artist who has just received funding to create a public art project and needs someone to handle all of the administrative details, such as team management, community outreach, communications, and marketing. Or for an agency, organization or non-profit that needs an extra person to cover all the bases. 


Large Package


This package is ideal for agencies, organizations and businesses that don't have the resources, staff, or expertise to complete an art project. I will take the lead on your project and provide detailed plans, management, and support for you and your team. 


Let’s get started!  


If you’ve got a project where you feel like you’d be happy to have the support of a trustworthy and experienced project manager, let’s connect! 


Step 1: To schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consult by email me at or submit this form. 

Step 2: After you complete the form above, I'll send you an email to schedule your complimentary consult meeting. 


Step 3:  At the scheduled time of your consult meeting, we’ll discuss your project needs! You’ll use this meeting to decide if you'd like to work with me and to get your questions answered about how I can support you. 


Step 4: You receive a personalized proposal. 


Step 5: You'll decide if you’d like to hire me to help with your project after reading the proposal. When you decide to work together, I’ll share the next steps you need to take!

Any questions? Email Justina at



Artist,, @joshuasofaer

Working in the arts, especially in social practice, there is a thin line between art and life. The work is our life and we put so much of our life into the work. With Justina’s support during River Crossing: I want to communicate with you, I was able to maintain a healthy balance between work and life and feel confident in the project’s progress, even from across the globe. 


Justina brought the right amount of urgency to each task and understood what was required to get things done. From the start of the project, her writing and communication skills were immensely helpful. Through emails, phone calls, in-person meetings, and outreach events she helped move the project through each stage smoothly, raised public awareness about the project, and engaged thousands of community members in the participatory stage of the project. 


It could have been incredibly frustrating working on this project from London, wondering if someone got your message and if they are ‘on the case’ with it. Happily, communication between us was a dream and I always felt confident knowing that Justina would be back in touch, if not immediately, then at her nearest available moment. It was great to know that I could trust Justina to be there and handle the immediate needs of the project.

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